icon-date-replay.png The Leeds Video Blog — Issue #12: The Leeds Piano Trail Highlights

Issue#12: Piano Trail highlights

The biggest impact this project has had is on the people of Leeds. We’ve seen them smiling, we’ve seen them dancing, we’ve seen them singing, we’ve seen them playing the pianos. For a lot of people this is the first engagement they’ve had with a piano or with classical music for that matter.” - Dave Cartwright

From giving people their first piano lessons to musical night walks, live music by the piano ambassadors, and the inspiration for the Leeds Piano Trail’s sculptures, the Leeds has animated the streets with music all while engaging with topics of care, community, and sustainability. medici.tv speaks to artists Matthew Wright, Tim Vincent-Smith, and Alison Smith; Leeds Piano Trail Creative Producer Dave Cartwright; Liam Brigg from the Leeds Conservatoire; and musicologist Owen Burton about the impact of the Trail on the Leeds community and the legacy it will leave behind as the competition nears its end.