icon-date-replay.png The Leeds Video Blog —Issue#6: Origins of The Leeds

Issue#6: Origins of The Leeds

“It was the most important thing that’s happened to me, because one afternoon, I started to have my career.”-  Radu Lupu, 1969 winner

The idea of staging a piano competition in Leeds came to piano teacher Fanny Waterman in a dream. With the support of her husband and her friends, she made this dream become a reality as pianists Rafael Orozco, Murray Perahia, Mitsuko Uchida, András Schiff, and Radu Lupu succeeded each other in the first five editions. medici.tv speaks to Adam Gatehouse, Artistic Director, and Fiona Sinclair, Chief Executive, on how Waterman’s dream continues on today.


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Preview image: Radu Lupu being congratulated by the Duchess of Kent after his win in 1969.